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This is me

When I attended university and worked full-time concurrently, I learned the value of time management, organization, and balance. In the three years that it took me to complete my degree, I mastered the art of thorough research, meeting deadlines, and delivering quality work to professors and employers. My aggressive path toward my degree is a testimony to my hard work and insatiable interest in learning and meeting new challenges head on. In 2018, I graduated with a GPA of 4.0 and gained admittance to the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society.

An aspect of my current work is that I am constantly refining my current suite of knowledge and building upon it in order to adapt to new situations. My experience as a property manager and real estate portfolio manager has stimulated my critical thinking as I have acted on behalf of my employer’s best interests in all levels ranging from legally, fiduciarily, and in personal matters. Before that, I volunteered and taught English as a foreign language in Thailand. As an amateur teacher, I quickly attained the position of head of the English program at the private school in which I worked. The gratitude that I feel for the time spent in the service of others is unquantifiable and the lessons that I have learned are priceless.

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Portfolio Growth

Real Estate Equity Manager

Property Management Executive

Improving Financial Health 

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